About us

What is our story?

Our Mission

“We want to provide low-cost access to space data. Using standardized platforms, we will bring accessible technologies to introduce the benefits from space activities to down-to-Earth people”

Our Values

“Providing a great leadership, we want to shape our planet a better place to live. We respect the diversity and truly believe that our company is build by collaboration, leveraging collective wellness. motivation and constant apprenticeship. Being ethical in all our activities, we will keep our integrity as principle. Outperforming all our activities, we ensure the quality of our products and services.”

Our Vision

“On the edge of knowledge, we want to inspire Customers, Shareholders, Collaborators and Partners to pursue our dreams together. Bringing a myriad of solutions with a sustainable network of customers and suppliers that makes a difference to our world.

Our Goal

We want to guarantee long-term return to our shareholders while being very ethical and mindful about our responsibilities. We want to keep our NewSpace spirit, keeping ourselves as benchmarking to the democratic use of space”

Our Team

Lucas Fonseca

Chief Operating Officer

Harumi Thompson

Chief Financial Officer

Douglas Galante

Chief Science Officer

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